DownloadedFile-1Wanelo ! I love this app/ website ! It is like pinterest, but you can buy right off the website/app by tapping or clicking on the picture and simply pressing buy ! I decided to go through my feed and show you all the things that I  thought were sooooooo fetch! The things that you want in your life or you think someone in your life would love simply click the picture and you will be taken to the website where you can purchase the item. Follow me on Wanelo @c_bound13 and see what else that I loved and saved. Hope you enjoy! 

iPhone Accessories!

I just recently got an iPhone 5 and I  love finding new cases and things to jazz up my phone aka my baby! I have to protect it at all cost even if that means money! These are cases that I would gladly come out of pocket to get in order to make my phone look cute as well as safe! 



All of these things I could happily wear and feel good in. Recently I have found myself fascinated with cut-off shorts, that have studs and have different colors or fabric-ed ( that’s not a word ! )

high waisted shorts custom made to order20130225-143705.jpg20130225-143659.jpg


I’m obsessed with dark nails and I love the tribal look, its so me! Next time I go to the nail salon, I wanna get all of my nails grey and my middle finger a funky tribal print.


Bows, bows, bows! They make any outfit girly and prissy without playing with dolls if that makes sense.



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